China Wholesale – How to Find Low Price, High Profit Items?

If you are new to buying and selling China wholesale products, then one of the first things you need to do is find a line of low-cost China export goods that will generate high profit margins even when they are sold at relatively low cost.

If you are at a loss as to what kinds of products to work with, then here is a simple guide to help you do just that:

Consumable and Replaceable – many low-value items are designed to either be consumed or replaced in a relatively short span of time. This is an ideal place to start with a low-price, high-profit strategy as your customers will keep coming back to replenish their supplies. You will also be able to move these products all year round, making profits much more predictable and reliable in the long run.

Simple And Sturdy – low-cost, high-profit items must be as simple and durable as possible. Complex pieces will not only require more capital on your part but will also need to conform to higher quality standards as well as warranties that will come back to bite you if one part of that complex gadget fails. Simple and durable will also allow your products to survive less-than-ideal transportation methods – i.e. when a careless teamster drops your box of China white-label goodies on a concrete floor.

Analyze The Demand – if you have a product in mind, the next thing you need to do is run some analytics on it before you import from China wholesale suppliers. The Google Keyword Tool is an immensely useful aid to this end as it will show you how many people have used keywords related to the product you are looking at. You can use these numbers as a starting point to determine if there is enough demand to justify a China bulk order for resale.

Study The Competition – two big questions need to be answered here. One, are you running against big players that move thousands of items similar to your product? Two, do you have local competitors selling the exact same thing you’re selling? If no, you will have an easier time breaking in with your product. If yes, then you will have to do something different so your China wholesale products will stand out.

Make Sure Your Products Do Their Jobs – low-price, high-profit items don’t need many bells and whistles, but they need to do what they claim to do. This is why you need to regularly test your China wholesale products. Better you find defective or badly designed product lines yourself than have angry customers shoot you down on retail sites and social media.

A Note on Emerging Trends – if you are news savvy, then Google Trends and various news portals will give you an idea on what people are interested in at the moment. The potential for profit is high but so is the risk. Most trends are simple fads that will fade out over time – meaning you will have a hard time clearing out your inventory of China imports if you lag behind the curve.

Keep all these in mind and you’ll have an easier time finding low-priced China wholesale products to sell at a significant markup!

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