What is MK-2866 or Ostarine

MK-2866 (Ostarina) is a selective modulator of androgen receptors (MRSA). Merck’s designed drugs have been shown in numerous clinical trials that mimic the anabolic effects of traditional anabolic androgenic steroids in muscle cells.

These actions are achieved without a drug that divides the structure of traditional anabolic steroids. Despite the fact that it is still developing, Ostarine seems to have significant financial support from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ostarine – MK2866 has already passed the second phase of human experiments, but has not yet provided medical use.

Before you spend money, you should remember that none of these medicines are available for US doctors.

There are many unanswered questions, and consumers who use them are guinea pigs. You should know that all the results have not been positive. The researchers analyzed the drug concentration in each purchased product and found that they had consistently low doses.

This suggests that some websites use consumers by diluting the raw material to produce more products or using raw materials that manufacturers have lost due to their low standards. Either way, you do not get what you pay for, so do not risk it.

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